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At the conclusion of Lies Agreed Upon, protagonist Tess Parnell had come a long way in her personal development, had started her own business in New Orleans, and was considering several potential romantic liaisons. At the start of my next mystery novel, The Cruelest Lies, Tess's chosen beau has left New Orleans to work on an important legal case in Washington, D.C., and she has followed him to the nearby Virginia suburbs for a brief reunion that she hopes will keep their relationship on track.

Without work to keep her busy during her visit, Tess has time to observe her neighbors in the quiet middle-class neighborhood that has grown up around the old Victorian house that her boyfriend has rented. As Halloween approaches and neighbor families merrily decorate with jack-o'-lanterns and fake horror, Tess is worried by a series of disturbing incidents. Then the little girl next door vanishes while trick-or-treating. Tess learns that it's not the first time a child has gone missing in the neighborhood. A little girl who lived in Tess's gloomy old house also disappeared decades earlier--and was never seen again. As Tess and her neighbors come together to search for the missing child and support each other against the sudden threat to their supposedly safe environment, Tess begins to suspect that the worst monsters lie closest to home. 

Watch for The Cruelest Lies to debut in 2015.

"The cruelest lies are often told in silence"

– Robert Louis Stevenson